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"Take away the pride, all the dignity that's burning inside..."

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Name:Cole Carrington
Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Cole Parker Carrington used to be an obedient 'boy nextdoor' type. He was born the the son of a Sergeant First Class with the US Army, having enlisted towards the end of the Vietnam War and then going on to serve in the Gulf War. Cole knew from a very young age that he had no choice but to obey his father. He had a distinct respect for him, but any affectionate father-son relationship was cool at best. Cole's mother was a housewife who filled her time as a Docent for local art gallery. With his father based at Fort Benning, Georgia when he wasn't deployed, Cole spent most of his life in that state, save for when the family spent a year and a half in Belgium during one of his father's stations. Whilst Cole never really felt he knew his father, he nevertheless was raised to want to follow in his footsteps and become a military man. The Army never appealed to him, but going through Military School and nearing the end, he chose to join the Air Force and become a fighter pilot.

That wasn't where family obligations ended. Cole believed he had to marry young like his parents had, and his girlfriend he had in the final year of school was the one he popped the question to at the beginning of the summer. They got married by the end of summer, and were only newlyweds for all of five weeks before Cole was deployed to the war in Afghanistan, leaving her pregnant with only the support of her family. Cole loved her, but he was never in love with her. In fact, making love to her was a trial and any niggles of doubt he had regarding his sexuality was stamped out because he was led to believe homosexuality was frowned on not only in the military, but in his hometown. He didn't want to believe it, but it became more and more difficult to ignore sharing barracks with other men who had no qualms dropping trou' in front of each other on the regular, especially in that terrible heat. Cole was still overseas when his son, Clayton, was born and before he even got to meet him, Cole was involved in a terrible turn of events in the middle of a battle in Afghanistan.

He doesn't talk about what happened to anyone. He was left badly injured in a military hospital in the Middle East, but soon declared unfit for service, given an Honourable Discharge, and returned home to the US where he spent a long time recuperating in a military hospital. When he met his son for the first time, it was like he was holding a stranger's baby. He was classified with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but no matter how many therapy sessions he sat through, he never once spoke about what happened to him in Afghanistan. He didn't want to talk about it, and came back a different person. His wife, naive and stupid to the real world, believed he was "crazy" and didn't want her son around a "mental patient". It broke Cole's heart, but he didn't have the energy or the strength to fight with her. He signed the divorce papers and lost any custody rights to his son because he wouldn't fight for it.

Gradually, he began to recover and get back on his feet, but he was nothing of the person he had been when he deployed. Having believed his whole life that he was born to be a military man like his father, he was at a loss what to do with himself. When he turned to alcohol, drugs, and a hell of a lot of promiscuous (gay) sex to cope, his father began to get more and more cold towards him. He would be verbally abusive any time Cole visited home, accusing him of being a failure, not only as a soldier, but as a husband and father. He accused him of being a lazy malingerer who didn't want to get better, and even went so far as to say the trauma was all in his head. In the end, the family being from a long line of old money, his father paid him a hefty sum to leave and never come back. He wanted nothing more to do with his son, disgusted to even admit to fathering him. Cole took the cash, got on the next plane to New York City, and never looked back.

There, one night in a bar, he met Destina Alvarez, who was watching her brother, Jax perform with a band there. Cole was already well on the way to trashed and high from snorting coke in the bathroom a short while before. That was the first time he ever confided in someone about his ordeal. She was a stranger at that point, but somehow that was okay. Cole and his co-pilot, Brendan, had their plane grounded when they flew into a dangerzone. They had no choice but to ground, but when they did, they landed right in a field of land mines. That was the least of their worries, though. Brendan made the terrible mistake of trying to get out of the plane in a stupid panic, and just when Brendan had been getting out, he was gunned down some Afghani soldiers laying in wait for them to land. But Brendan wasn't just his co-pilot. He was his lover, and they had been carrying on a secret affair since they met at the start of their deployment. Cole watched the only person he had ever loved be shot to pieces just meters away from him. Destina didn't know what to say. Cole didn't need her to say anything. They've been best friends ever since.

Now Cole is a shadow of his former self. He sunk all the money from his father into building up his own business in New York, a thriving nightclub called Frozen/Burn. It was two sister clubs in one. Frozen, for those who preferred hetero hook-ups, and Burn for those who liked same-sex hook-ups. If you weren't choosy or fluid, you could go to both. It was a concept that took off pretty spectacularly when he forged a lot of big-named connections in the city. The business is now booming, and Cole lives his life in the moment, scared to lay his heart on the line again. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll could be about the start of it, though he's very private with his habits. He has a reputation as a bad boy and an utter bitch when he wants to be, dressing flamboyantly with a distinct taste for Gothic flare. He likes a lot of black and bold colours, he smokes, he does drugs, he fucks a hell of a lot of people on his desk at the club.

But with those he cares about and loves, he has a heart of gold. He has no idea where life is supposed to be leading him, and it scares him to think about. He doesn't think he will ever find someone to fill the hole Brendan left in his heart, despite Destina's not-so-subtle attempts to try to get into the dating scene. His son is now six years old, and Cole is lucky to see him once a year. Inside, he's a bit of a mess, but on the outside, he's the epitome of a cool bitch. He loves his business and it's probably the only thing keeping him sane by this point. He's even a bit of a self-professed hypocrite in that he uses drugs whenever he pleases, and buys off the best in the business, but he has a zero-tolerance policy on anyone using in his nightclub, not willing to let any young punks destroy the successes he has worked hard to build. But as long as it's legal, anything else goes in his club and it's a place people know they can come for a good time, regardless of their mood.

Cole's tag @ dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"Won't you leave me in the darkness.
Take away the pride, all the dignity that's burning inside.
Can't you see I'm standing naked.
I'll bear all the crosses and the crucifixes you can provide."

Mine, Savage Garden

Cole is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Cole's PB is Grey Damon, who belongs to himself.

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